Principles and premises of PIPGLA

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Applied Linguistics (PIPGLA) aims provide inter/transdisciplinary education that enables professionals to respond ethically and socially responsibly to contemporary socio-historical issues in which the constituent and constitutive relationship between language and society has a central role. Its mission is to train graduate students on the masters and doctoral programs who work in language in its most diverse forms with a view to providing society with human resources qualified to work from the basis of values that guide the education offered by the program, notably interdisciplinarity, ethics, social responsiveness, critical thinking, pro-activity, and solidarity. In its 30 years of existence, during which time it has become established as a hub of theoretical, methodological, and epistemological innovation in the field of applied linguistics in Brazil, PIPGLA has trained Portuguese and modern foreign language teachers, historians, designers, speech therapists, translators, interpreters, teachers of Portuguese and foreign literature, artists, and social activists. These professionals receive a training that crosses the boundaries of different spheres of knowledge with a view to making more intelligible current-day issues in which language plays a central role.

Our Mission

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Applied Linguistics at UFRJ has a three-pronged mission. Firstly, it aims to train researchers capable of strengthening the field of applied linguistics and its links to social phenomena. Secondly, it proposes to qualify higher education professionals in different areas that work with or in language. Finally, PIPGLA seeks to provide robust theoretical and practical educational training for professionals whose main tool of work is language use.


Basing its work on the understanding that language is a social practice and that when we study how it is employed in diverse contexts of action, we are studying the society and culture of which it is a constituent and constitutive part (Bakhtin, 1953), PIPGLA aims to expand its role at the forefront of increasingly in-depth investigation of the plural discursive practices that emerge in response to the pressing needs of society.


The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Applied Linguistics of the Faculty of Letters of UFRJ is rooted in a set of principles that guide it in line with its commitment to contribute to social life. These are: ethics and transparency, integration, human and cultural diversity, and social commitment.



Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Borba


Prof(a).  Dr(a). Branca Falabella Fabrício


Solange Tristão


Segunda a sexta:

09h às 17h


21 3938-9701



Programa de Interdisciplinar de Linguística Aplicada  (PIPGLA)
Av. Horácio de Macedo, 2151. Sala F-317
Cidade Universitária — Faculdade de Letras da UFRJ.
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